InstaShout: The Social Audio App – InstaStar Network Hey! Welcome to InstaShout — a more human place on the Internet, where people come together for great conversation. On InstaShout you can sit back and quietly listen, raise your hand to chime in, or host your own rooms.
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InstaStar’s Network is founded on business. The network offers users five different e-commerce shops free to develop their business and buy or sell from verified clients internationally and locally.

Our main e-commerce software is highly advanced in features, offering large professional sellers the ability to have up to five hundred employees on one business account.

Small business/Entrepreneurs can use the multiple Free E-Commerce shops. Every member has a merchant payment system InstaPay.

Financial Payments 100+ countries 60 currencies

InstaPay users get access to a global financial network. Users have access to local and cross border payments in one hundred countries and sixty currencies.

Buy and Sell locally via cash, bank account, or mobile money. Sell your products or remit in sixty currencies within the network and access the global market worth $45 Trillion US Dollars annually. Access the fastest growing global markets just by joining.

InstaBank offer users optional access to a bank account in 10 minutes, members have access to savings technologies, loans, lines of credit, insurance, ATM cards access and new business financing opportunities. InstaPay merchant payment and remit system will deposit directly into your InstaBank account.

The faster a person or business has access to a banking track record, the faster they have access to loans and growth services.

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Download from InstaStar Network Android APP Collection - InstaStar IPTV Media Player – Watch More TV

InstaStar IPTV Client Media Player WATCH TV! – Android Player

Explore global free-to-air TV streams player with Insta TV IPTV player utility. Internet Protocol television (IPTV) is the delivery of television content over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. *InstaStar does not provide content for player streams.

Live TV, Video on demand and OTT InstaStar FireStick within InstaStar portal

IPTV channels for vendors and entertainers, IPTV subscription system for high end media production and entertainment companies. Monetize content with InstaStar Network access payments from 100 countries over 5 billion population. *InstaStar provides content for users.

Examples of the wide array of games in Cloudbet casino

Lots of entertainment

InstaFame a creating and sharing short videos for InstaStar; The social video application our own trending video sharing platform with video dubbing features, various filters & social media integrations & more.

  • Watermark- Animated watermark with downloaded video
  • Duet-Do Duet with other user’s videos
  • Promotion- Promote / Advertise Video
  • CDN service-Video loads faster without delay
  • Wallet & coin purchase to spread the tips.


Music lovers will access global entertainment from the world’s artists. Are you an artist who wants to monetize their content to a global market? With a network covering 100 countries, your content is valuable; expose yourself to the globe or monetize your local audience. Live pay per view concerts, live stream events, live stream after party, and be an InstaStar.

InstaStar network motto: Its All About You! All you need is a Phone!!!


InstaStar Network includes hundreds of fun and exciting games within the network totally free to users to enjoy. Sit back and get away from daily stress with distracting fun games.

Secure Chat and Streaming Radio

InstaChat is a advanced software available inside the network offering users the ability to participate and create private and public chat rooms. Internet Radio Stations available to users and for Internet Radio channels ability to mix radio and chat at same time, build your community of listeners.

Characters from top esports in front of a CS:GO screenshot

Lots of entertainment

InstaVRse – The Future of the Internet will be in the MetaVerse

InstaStar is developing the InstaVRse a metaverse supranet portal of virtual reality universes built on open source technology. InstaVRse portal will be available for members to enjoy Virtual Reality: Education, Healthcare, Business, Commerce, Gaming, Entertainment, Mental Health, and Social.

Investor Relations

InstaStar is designed for you to make money and create opportunities.

Sell your content and monetize your followers

InstaFans is social media where your followers purchase subscription services of your content sold to fans globally.

Local peer-to-peer delivery services

Sell or buy peer-to-peer with advanced delivery and tracking any network user has access to buy/sell locally delivered to your door or geo locator to pick up.

InstaDrive – Peer-to Peer Logistics

InstaDrive offers network users access to transport on demand services. Verified drivers will access a gero based a peer-to-peer client/business logistic software to operate locally.