Money Pools Technology USA Corporation

Company Overview

MoneyPools Technology™ Corporation, an entity organized under the laws of the State of Wyoming, United States of America is a multi-national, vertically structured, technology development company operating in the digital asset technology sector.

Crypto friendly America – Wyoming, considered the leader in US digital laws and regulation. Custodial – your wallet; your assets, instant asset exchange, instant liquidity to fiat currency, Instant conversion. Cryptocurrency, global transfer with low fees. First of its kind, US-SEC regulated Digital assets listings.

Earn interest on your assets, new markets to invest, new digital bond market, global liquidity. New jobs, new opportunities, new wealth, Powers Pay global network of three billion potential user-base; Spanning 60 countries and 42 US States.

Join the 21st century digital economy and be part of the economic evolution. Our vision, create wealth and create digital economy using P2P software and applications.

An economy based on sound finance, with tentacles into peer to peer lending, licensed finance/exchanges, licensed crypto friendly banking, software for trade/markets, job creation and wealth generation through business to consumer and business to business.

Censorship free technology for Communications, Social Networks, Transport, Entertainment/Cuisine, Gaming and Social are all part of the network.

Our aims to integrate crypto based assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make this industry truly efficient, transparent, and reliable. This may by-pass the need for fiat currency for transactions creating a global marketplace.

MoneyPools Technology, designed to Reduce Poverty & Wealth Inequality, Increase Opportunity. Digital Asset Technology for the 21st Century



Who Can Use our Technology

Anyone eligible under the laws of the country deemed of age

Any person with the desire to change their lifestyle

Any person willing to enter the digital economy

Anyone who has a bank account, mobile money account, Credit Card, Bank Card, Third Party E-Wallets account or any approved payment method holder can buy crytpocurrencies

Open and transparent Blockchain

The platform/system is designed to make it easy to enter the Digital Asset World.

All technology works on website and mobile app

Blockchain technology allows for digital assets to tranfer P2P no more middleman/broker.  No more ‘Robinhood’ your asset is your asset. Enough with the old, in with the new.

Payouts are instant and without delay and can be followed via the website and mobile apps.  Join the network to stay connected, entertained and active globally.

How It Works

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