21st First Century MONEYPOOLS™ Technology

MONEYPOOLS Technology™ is a technology development company, our focus is in the digital asset sectors: Financial Technology, Crypto Currencies, Crypto Currency Exchanges, Social Media, Media, Advertising, Logistics, E-gaming, E-Learning, Logistics, Food/agriculture, new digital asset development. 


We are vertical integrated and operated technology company, focused on being decentralized financial network. 
MoneyPools™ – Technology is focused on the new digital economy and digital finance development via technology.
85 percent of the globe is online, yet traditional finance and technology hampers growth within the sector for the average user.


Our strategy of integrated, vertical operations while developing and owning our proprietary technology provides our Company with the ability to enter global  markets .

We currently possess  technology covering a variety of  verticals, including Financial, Social Media, Crytpo Currency Exchanges, Logistics, Food industry, Media/Advertising, and Banking.

Moreover, our vertical technology network is truly unique and unrivaled among its competitors.

Through  in-house development and continued ownership of our proprietary technology, the Company is able to mitigate and hedge operational risk, minimize overhead expense and maintain continuity of operations.

Seamless Operations

MPT works with some of the top US Digital finance companies, the cash in and out is instant and seamless, as easy as a click of a button by users.

Full accounting and compliance to meet all regulatory bodies, for anti-money laundering to KYC and detailed financial accounting for State and Government taxes.

Contact Details

Registration number:  2020-000917523
Address: 30 N Gould St Ste #4000 Sheridan, WY 82801
Mr. Alex Powers – Executive Chairman, CEO & President
MoneyPools Technology USA Corporation
Wyoming, United States
Email: info@moneypoolstechnology.com
Phone: +1703 822 4258