Frequently Asked Questions

How are we better than traditional finance?

Traditional finance is slow, cumbersome, financial technology disrupts all sectors of online industry. 

Why choose us?

MoneyPools Technology has a digital world view.

Does the technology exist and when will it launch?

yes its done we plan to launch in March 2021.

Why Use Moneypools Technology?

Become part of a fast paced system designed for a digital economy, with unparalleled support.

How can we invest and make money with your Company?

We are always looking to speak with potential investors who see our vision and strategy, please contact us we have prospectus and documents for review.

Do you need Affiliates?

Yes, we do and we offer good deals to those who work and promote our operations. Contact us or sign up directly on the individual sites.

Why are we different?

Moneypools Technology is designed to create a global econonmy based on digital assets, introduction of new SEC registered digital assets, Bonds, stocks, without risk of default by broker dealers.

Do more people benefit?

Easier it is for the globe to enter the digital economy the faster the globe will benefit from access to global liquidity, currently hampered by old school technology.

Can a license be acquired?

Opprtunities available for companies who wish to issue digital assets on a global exchange.

You mentioned you own all software?

Highly professional software used in the sectors: Financial, CrytpoCurrency Exchange, Social Media, Advertising, Publishing, Logistics, Food, more.

Do you have functional sites?


Tell us more about your communications systems for operators?

We work with third party providers and also can produce in house. Advanced communication systems to go hand in hand for operators to stay connected at all times with players and keep players entertained and loyal. We can arrange for content to be produced as well. Systems are interactive with Moneypools Technology, based on geography are standard TV, IPTV, Satellite, Radio, Social Media networks available for operators to ensure, that their communication is secure, direct, and uncensored. This alone makes our Company unique and attractive to third party licensors and investors.