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MoneyPools Technologies is proud to announce a long term strategic partnership with KCBS network Cameroon for distribution and promotion of technologies for the MoneyPoolsCash, Sango Bank, Gaming networks. Footprint of 5 million English speaking Cameroonians and Nigeria exposure.

KCBS – Kumba City Broadcasting Service is the first functional Television Station operating from within the city of Kumba, in the South West Region of Cameroon.

KCBS Television is a Cable TV Network available both on Cable and Digital (Decoder) on Cameroon’s SWECOM Network. And SWECOM has both national and satellite stretch.

Though targeting nationwide viewership, KCBS TV lays much emphasis in exposing local realities. We dedicate over 45% of our grid schedule to local content.

We have over 95% of local viewership.

Our flagship programmes like GMK-T (Good Morning K-Town), Home Beatz, Covid-19 Efforts just to name these few, are concurrently streamed on our YouTube and Facebook links.

With our recently upgraded state of the art technical room, cameras, microphones, lights, power backup system, studio and virtual sets, we are poised to give our viewers the best.

The prompt dedication of KCBS TV staff is a rock solid guarantee that business with KCBS TV is like seed sown on fertile ground.

KCBS Television can be reached on:

Physical Location:                                                                                        Behind Blessing Petrol Station                                                                            Buea Road                                                                                                       Kumba                                                                                                                  South West Region                                                                                      Cameroon

Snail Mail                                                                                                         KCBS Television                                                                                               Box 403 Kumba                                                                                                       Meme Division                                                                                                   SWR-Cameroon

Telephone:                                                                                                     +237 677 17 59 87                                                                                              +237 675 79 46 36  

E- Mail:                                                                                                                 esuafoss@hotmail.com

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