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December 7, 2020

Sheridan, Wyoming – MoneyPools Technology USA, INC.Registration number: 2020-000917523 (“MoneyPools Technology” (MPT) or the “Company”), an innovative gaming technology development Company. MoneyPools Wealth Redistribution Technology a new weapon to fight global wealth inequality.  MoneyPools Technology is twenty-five times more efficient in producing a Millionaire than POWERBALL.

MPT is thirty-six to one hundred seventy-eight times more efficient than any other traditional pick number lottery/scratch card for mid-sized prizes. MoneyPools is provably fair, transparent and works both online and via kiosk point of sale.

MoneyPools Technology was designed originally for Africa and countries with extreme poverty. MoneyPools can efficiently create wealth for impoverished communities no matter the size. Using efficient fintech, as simple as pushing a button, peer-to-peer, fractional ticket pool technology, provably fair and transparently, as low as one US Cent ($0.01). Wealth will be efficiently created and spread throughout impoverished countries using MoneyPools Technology.

The Company is now in process of marketing its MoneyPools Technology to the US State Lotteries, which currently run traditional technology that is outdated and an inefficient monopoly. During times of great suffering economically from Covid-19 virus, US State budgets need extra revenue to pay for social services, while local communities can benefit from quick efficient wealth creation. Currently the capital from the State enters a Multi-State pool, capital that should stay in the State is now leaving to pay winners in other States. Capital outflow directly effects negatively on State GDP and directly effects growth within the State. Therefore the current lottery technology and scratch cards as critic’s claims is a secret tax on the poor and a liability to the State, while being inconvenient and inefficient to the players.

MoneyPools calls on local US State Lotteries, State Legislatures, State Governors and local State Media & Press, Citizens of the United States to be aware of MoneyPools Wealth Redistribution Technology and how it will impact the local community, raise funds for State social programs education, healthcare, veterans, and infrastructure all with zero risk, MPT is designed never to lose money only pay out efficiently.

MPT has concluded licensing deal with Costa Rica based gaming company Wealth Sharing Systems, SA. and MoneyPools Technology RCA Limited a licensed gaming Company in Central African Republic. As part of the agreements MoneyPools Technology USA Inc. developed and delivered MoneyPools Blockchain Proprietary Wealth Redistribution Technology, powered by the top forty decentralized Blockchains allowing players to enjoy MoneyPools on their favorite Blockchain. Wealth Sharing Systems will now be able to fully access the two trillion dollar Blockchain secondary market.

The Company sees long term growth in the Blockchain gaming sector and sees Wealth Sharing Systems as a pioneer venture into new wealth creation and global economic development. The reality of efficient wealth redistribution has come to pass; today MoneyPools can change the global wealth inequality gap by creating new pockets of wealth globally.

MoneyPools Technology RCA Limited a licensed gaming Company in Central African Republic the permit covers six CEMAC zoned countries for both fiat XAF currency and cryptocurrencies with a population footprint 60 million.

About MoneyPools Technology USA Inc.

MoneyPools Technology USA Inc. is a software development Company, operating and licensing its software to the global market. Its proprietary Wealth Redistribution Technology MoneyPools Totalizator, was designed to efficiently redistribute wealth within communities, by using small sums of money, using fixed pools, efficient wealth can be created and transferred within communities transparently and provably fair.

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