Sango Digital National Bank SangoBank.CF First blockchain powered licensed neobank in the Republic of Central Africa. Services offered provides the Government a safe and secure way to pay all employees, manage taxes, customs duty, permitting and land sales, advanced accounting and invoices to prevent graft. Advanced merchant payments for SME businesses, hospitals, schools, personal accounts, foreign currency exchange & cryptocurrency exchange, free e-commerce shops for everyone, investments platform foreign or domestic, cbdc, Government & Corporation digital bond offerings, business crowdfunding/donations and a powerful technical network of sites all functioning on blockchain assets.

Sango Dollar will be the first virtual currency to function in the Pan-African and global markets as a stable USD currency allowing for global and cross border trade, foreign direct investment, stable banking with globally accepted liquidity.

Recently more an more Africans are learning about the limitations put upon them due to friction based finance or traditional banking, lack of or refusal for liquidity, blind arrogance and bizarre restrictions hampering SME and private individuals ability to grow economically have made it clear that a digital liquid bank was needed for the region.

The Central African Republic is the second country in the world to officially accept digital currency as legal tender, making Sango Bank a leader in the region for blockchain banking.

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