What are the MoneyPools.Africa ?

Historically wealth is transferred through inheritance to the next generation unless those stuck in a cycle of endless poverty formed by exploitation and historical oppression.  

Money Pools are ancient African traditions that speak to the functionality of getting things done by a historically oppressed group of people.  African traditions of collectives reveal that Black people have long had money pools that focused on helping people thrive in commerce, including during the hard times of slavery and colonization. This research argues that throughout the Caribbean and African indigenous banking systems—with localized names such as susu, partner, meeting-turn, box-hand and sol—are long-standing ancient traditions that historically and currently are taking a bold stand against exclusionary financial systems.  (1)

African-Caribbean people have an important legacy on the social economy through Money Pools. The ways in which persons of African descent organize in the social economy is vital to unravelling the market fundamentalist view that there is only a singular way to create wealth in society.

MoneyPools Technology takes this tradition to the next level by using the MoneyPools concept to create wealth pockets at scale that will develop impoverished societies and change the local social fabric immediately.


Group economics has been theorized by Black thinkers but these ideas have not been central to the study of the social econ-omy. The teachings of Black liberation thinkers—such as Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey and W.E.B. Du Bois—travelled the Americas and beyond because their focus on self-reliance, group economics and alternative economics resonated with Black people everywhere. (1)

MoneyPools Technology Kenya vs. Ghana entire economy for fifteen years (2003 – 2018) example:

Population of Kenya fifty five Million (55m) – 70% – 21+ Age,

2 million players a day entering $2 ( X KES)

Odds One (1) guaranteed payout per five hundred thousand tickets sold ( 1-500,000 tickets) / 2,000,000 tickets = 4 new millionaires a day.  365 days a year x 4 winners = 1460 new Millionaires Annual.

MoneyPools will produce thousands of new Kenyan Millionaires (USD) using MoneyPools Technology Kenya and will have produced more millionaires in a year than all of Ghana produced combined in past 15 years, roughly 1600 new millionaire were produced in Ghana in past 15 years. 

Using financial technology the prospects of larger wealth pools and wealth pools based on fractional ticket amounts as small as a one cent usd of value allowing all segments to enter and potentially gain from MoneyPools Technology allows these MoneyPools to scale, no longer limited by local geographic. MoneyPools is online and simple to use allowing more members and participant’s daily access to MoneyPools technology facilitating larger and larger pay outs for smaller and smaller amounts of ticket and risk.  

Example $100,000 one hundred thousand dollars pay out Five hundred thousand tickets priced at twenty us cents ($0.20) per ticket.

Odds One (1) guaranteed payout per five hundred thousand tickets sold ( 1-500,000 tickets) / 30,000,000 thirty million tickets with guaranteed sixty new winners a day.  365 days a year x 60 selected = 21,900 new families annual now with a net worth of $100,000.

Localization development and capital recapture

 The potential for Africa is staggering, wealth and opportunities are abound. However, access to capital is still a challenge for the vast majority of Africa’s population. Generations of people who are simply trapped in poverty and without education, new opportunities, and their children generally suffer the same fate.  There is no simple solution to the plague of poverty; it’s a complicated matter; equality and capitalism are not the same.  

MoneyPools Technology, works 24/7/365, MoneyPools never sleeps. To use MoneyPools it is as simple as pushing a button.

MoneyPools technology is a Wealth Redistribution Technology designed for impoverished nations.  Based on historic Money Pools is a transparent and sophisticated, yet simple platform to redistribute wealth efficiently.  While having zero risk of default or failure, highly secure and transparent, mobile friendly it’s as easy as pushing a button.

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