MoneyPoolscash Liquid USD Cash Blue Card

Global Digital Bank and Digital Network Economy:  Advanced Neobank – MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)

  • Liquid cash on and off ramping from top economies globally directly competes with major players globally. MPC and its network of technologies is likely a profitable business model with free banking services and no monthly fees for clients.  MPC is very attractive for 5 billion unbanked.
  • Blockchain hyper ledger banking similar to the Bank of England and Bank of France.
  • Merchant Processing – Competes against most acquiring banks as MPC will process high risk merchants with no set up fees, no risk to MPC, low fees.
  • Cash Agent system competes with Western Union, Money Gram
  • Payment system competes with Paypal – Payoneer – World Remit –
  • USD and Gold backed Card system and point of sale competes with Visa/Mastercard/Amex
  • 40 Blockchains, unlimited tokens, NFT real estate, insurance,  60 virtual fiat currencies pegged
  • Network of popular and lucrative technologies to operate in unison in a vertical model Network Effects

Bank members are only allowed to enter the network of technologies via    MPC Network of Technologies all highly monetizable, low cost to operate, MPC paywall protected, KYC/KYE verified.  MPT has bootstrapped via its founders through acquisition of financial services licenses, strategic financial partnerships, open source technologies and acquisition of highly advanced technologies.  

Acquisition of existing and tested software’s from the world’s top developers.  Best technologies in the world all designed to be similar but different than major established tech players.  

MPT is developing an operating system fork Linux white label based to function on phones, tablets, laptops, smart tvs similar to Google or Chinese OS forks.  MPT is already in development of its own Blockchain to be used to hold assets physical gold, silver, and copper on ledger and produce pegged currencies to existing fiat.  Smart AI and ML to run bank system more efficiently, cost efficient and build credit rating systems.

Blockchain biometric KYC makes business safer for merchants; retail, online, clubs, restaurants, street sellers, better deals for consumers, micropayments, low fees, exclusive access.

Consumer, Adtech, PropTech, Ecommerce, SAAS, Logistics, Healthcare,

EdTech, HRTech, InsureTech, B2B, Impact Investing, Cryptocurrency/Blockchain,

Agtech (farmtech), Entertainment and Media, Gaming,

Creator Economy, Femtech, Marketing Tech, Developer Tools, Legal tech, Food & Beverage.

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