Card backed by physical gold and liquid blockchain

Your black gold card is tied to real gold backed by real mints like PerthMint Australia, or PaxGold US gold and soon MoneyPoolsCash Gold, silver, copper backed tokenized precious metals backed by our own physical storage in Switzerland or in certain US States such as Wyoming where physical gold silver is legal tender. We support the move back to gold backed transactions, gold has always been a steady hedge against inflation. offers the gold backed cards for members and merchants, who wish to benefit from gold.

Gold is more liquid and global, but hard to own and manage, MPC Gold cards fix this problem

In some cases, investing in gold literally means buying gold coins or bars, though that’s not necessarily the most liquid, secure or easiest way to invest. Storage costs, risk of theft, insurance, finding merchants to accept gold or silver coins is not easy.

In a recession, liquidity — or being able to offload assets for cash quickly — is key. Then, if you have hard economic times, you can cash in on those assets and still stay afloat on bills and other necessities. 

Stocks, bonds, real estate, collectibles and other tangible assets are illiquid investments. They’re hard to turn into usable funds, particularly when demand for those items is down (who wants to buy rare artwork when you can’t pay the bills?) 

Gold, on the other hand, is highly liquid and can be exchanged very quickly for cash and FX, making it a smart investment for MoneyPoolsCash Goldcards. Gold is a useful addition to diversify a portfolio given its price stability, as well as its high liquidity and to fight against inflation and endless government spending.

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