MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC) Protocol

Initial Node Offering:

MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC) introduces an innovative solution that allows community members to assume the mantle of ownership and control over critical project infrastructure. Leveraging the MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC) Protocol, individuals are empowered to run both frontend and backend operations securely on their own devices. The operations encompass WASM serverless functions and any x86 architecture programs, all safely operated within a sandboxed environment.

By aligning with projects that believe in fair token distribution, we aim to establish an equilibrium within the Web3 space. This was not feasible before due to a lack of fundamental infrastructure to support versatile, community-led computing.

Adopting the MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC) Initial Node Offering doesn’t merely provide projects with a more robust, engaged, and responsive community, but also equips them with a resilient, global infrastructure that’s resistant to regulatory instability and is verifiable by default. It’s a significant step towards fostering a healthier, more decentralized Web3 environment.

Join us as we, at MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC), build towards a more equitable Web3 era. It’s time for true decentralization and empowerment, and it starts here. Let’s create a Web3 that benefits many, not just a privileged few. This is the spirit of the Web3 we originally asked for, a spirit not too dissimilar to that of Bitcoin.

Global Nodes

MoneyPoolsCash has one goal to be the premiere blockchain networks with at minimum 500+ nodes distributed across 60+ countries on 6 continents. MoneyPoolsCash is then fully decentralized and every node can participate in consensus via staking.

Decentralized Governance

MoneyPools Blockchain has a unique ability to change parameters in a decentralized fashion. The community has access to a set of smart contracts that can adjust the cost of gas, block size, and other important features.


MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC) can theoretically achieve “millions to billions” of transactions per second by combining various layer-1 and layer-2 solutions. MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC) ’s layer 1 network is currently around 1100 tps.

Proof of Stake

MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC) uses the scalable and energy-efficient proof-of-stake mechanism to secure its network. Participants can use low-powered devices to stake, or even do it offline to save more energy.

Upstream Leverage

MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC) is an independent blockchain that combines the best parts of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Simply put, our blockchain can accommodate game-changing updates from both ecosystems.

Token Standards

Industry standards such as ERC20 tokens and NFT functionality are easily accessible on MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC). Send and receive various fungible and non-fungible tokens without paying huge gas fees.


Janus is a web3 proxy adapter that can be used as a web3 provider to interact with MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC). It allows developers to easily port their solidity-based applications to MoneyPools Blockchain Cash (MPC) with ease.

Multi-wallet Ecosystem

Support for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, hardware wallet, web and other clients

Desktop Mobile Web Hardware

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