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MoneyPools Technology Announces MoneyPools Blockchain (MPC) Financial Services Blockchain – MoneyPoolsCash Tokens (MPC)

MoneyPools Blockchain (MPC) as well as Blockchain cryptocurrency is a combination of the best parts of two pioneering blockchain networks, Bitcoin and Ethereum.  MoneyPools Blockchain crypto token  (pronounced as MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) is a blend of Ethereum’s smart contract component and Bitcoin’s unspent transaction output model (UTXO).

MoneyPools Blockchain (MPC) is a secure exchange for business-oriented decentralized applications (dApps). With its revolutionary network, MoneyPools Blockchain (MPC) will position itself at the core of industries such as social networking, finance, logistics, market making – direct ledger technology (DLT) securitizing assets, corporate, bonds, real estate, commodities, gold, oil, uranium, and metals by disrupting the online transactions market including interoperability with FedNow, Fedline, Global Fiats, BRICS and other Central Bank Digital Currencies.

Bitcoin’s UTXO element offers formidable transactional security whereas Ethereum’s smart contract functionality verifies the self-executing code on the blockchain and carries out the  terms of the deal, making the contract irrevocable.

MoneyPools  Blockchain (MPC) is a Bitcoin fork, it supports Ethereum EVM and supports smart contract creation. MoneyPools Technology Blockchain has integrated DGP management into its system to adjust to new blockchain settings via smart contracts reducing hard forks significantly.

MoneyPools Blockchain (MPC) has a proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm allowing users to stake a process a node.

In response to various problems in blockchain technology and industrial applications, the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) Chain development team united the community development forces, dug into the underlying technology, and developed and implemented a series of technologies through the “Value Transfer Protocol” upgrade and other innovative solutions to build a sustainable public blockchain.

By creating the AAL (Account Abstraction Layer) the UTXO model and the smart contract Account model ecosystem were integrated, effectively solving the problem of insufficient compatibility between different blockchains; Innovative research and development of the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  x86 virtual machine further enriched the programming development capability, decoupled the operating system from the virtual machine, and pushed the development of smart contracts to the mainstream;

Innovatively launched the PoS (Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism, with PoS nodes spread all over the world, enabling the effective collaboration of global PoS peer-to-peer networks;

Developed the first DGP (Decentralized Governance Protocol) system for on-chain governance to maintain the stable operation of the entire system.

To meet the operating system and development needs of different users, and keep truly open source, MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  Chain provides different versions of the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  system, including mobile terminal services, launching commercial path modules to encourage third-party developers and create an influential worldwide open source community ecology. The ultimate goal is to integrate the blockchain into different industries such as finance, social networking, gaming, and the Internet of Things.

As the most promising blockchain ecosystem, the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  Chain perfectly combines the advantages of Bitcoin and Ethereum and solves the inherent shortcomings of existing blockchain systems. MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  Chain will continue to build a basic platform, as well as the development and iteration of various product development and commercialization projects, to gradually form a blockchain economy, improve industry efficiency, and promote the efficient and coordinated development of the blockchain economy.

MoneyPools Cash (MPC)  Chain – Defining the Blockchain Economy.


Governance Mechanism

As a decentralized public chain, the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  Chain regards blockchain governance as an important aspect of achieving sustainable development. The governance model of the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) Chain includes two main aspects. One is on-chain governance which uses DGP, the other is off-chain governance, which established the non-profit MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  Chain Foundation. Through the introduction of DGP and the establishment of the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  Chain Foundation, MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) Chain applies both human governance and code governance to the public blockchain, thereby realizing the decentralization of blockchain governance and effective governance decision-making.

2.1 On-chain Governance Based on DGP

On-chain governance is the negotiation and execution process of the blockchain network update protocol embedded in the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  blockchain system. MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  Chain provides a new on-chain governance model for blockchain networks by the design of DGP.

2.1.1 Multi-Party Involved On-chain Governance

The core character of DGP is that in addition to allowing MoneyPools Cash (MPC)  token holders to participate in the voting and negotiation of the upgrade and iteration of the blockchain network, it also introduces a way for other participants in the ecosystem, including developers, community member representatives, miners, and other multi-party participants to propose and vote for on-chain governance proposals.


2.1.2 Smart Contract as the Carrier of On-chain Governance

DGP manages the parameters of the blockchain network through smart contracts embedded in the genesis blocks and clarifies the governance seats and proportion of governance participants for each party. Any participant can initiate a proposal, and the type of proposal includes the increase of management or governance seats, deletion, modification of common network parameters, etc. Participants with governance seats vote on the proposal, decide whether the proposal is approved, and execute the approved proposals through smart contracts.

2.1.3 Public and Transparent On-chain Governance

The on-chain governance mechanism on the DGP is compulsory and automatic. It can realize the automatic upgrade and continuous update iteration of the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  blockchain system through real time effective decision-making and execution mechanisms. At the same time, the on chain governance process is public and transparent, and the process is easy to audit and traceback, which helps to ensure the fairness of the entire governance process and improves decision-making efficiency without worrying about the impact of the soft and hard forks on the network and the community.


2.2 MoneyPools Cash (MPC)  Chain Foundation

The MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  Foundation is a non-profit company officially will be registered in Singapore in November 2023. The MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) Chain Foundation helps to manage the general development, progress, and privileges of open source community projects through the development of good governance mechanisms. It is committed to the development and construction of the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC)  blockchain project and the advocacy and promotion of governance transparency to promote the safe and harmonious development of the project.

The design goals of the MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) Chain Foundation governance structure mainly consider the sustainability of open source community projects, the effectiveness of management, and the safety of raised funds.

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