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MoneyPools Technology USA Inc. Prospectus – MoneyPoolsCash & Network of Technologies:

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Payment system over 180 countries the top currencies and best markets; PWA, Native Android & IOS.

Globally accessible with a  low barrier of entry banking and finance are a part of the UN sustainable development goal is bringing cross-border remittance costs down by 2030. MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) network is designed to create opportunities by supplying technologies to advance in today’s society. Focusing on creating a global economy that benefits:  Governments, Corporations, Entrepreneurs, Charities, Entertainers, Small Businesses, Women, Minorities, and the less fortunate.

MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) Payment processing is a global competitor to PayPal and other traditional merchant payment systems.  Agent system competes with Western Union, MoneyGram for the client to agent MoneyPoolsCash to local cash/credit.

MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) Neobank adds value to global users instantly offering  a FREE bank account, accounting/crm, merchant services, much more with low fees and no credit background check,  bio-metric KYC and AI social credit system.

MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) offers MPC$ and MPCGold closed loop cards, in addition to high limit prepaid Visa, Mastercards, giftcards for gamers, Xbox, Playstation, Amazon, consumers, airtime top – up, donations, crowdfunding, private meeting system, advanced accounting and invoice system, investments and merchant banking.

MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) Card and point of sale Network for merchants and clients, native payment applications, with a receipt and signature printing – MPC indirectly competes with Visa – Mastercard – American Express, offering micro-payment, QR and low fees. MPC Blue Globecard USD backed and MPC Black Globecard Gold (AU) Backed.

41% of  the USA and 3.7 billion are globally unbanked. MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) NeoBank  features blockchain hyper ledger web3 for secure node based database records, KYC, and client funds with multiple signatories. Similar technology is used by the Bank of England, Bank of France, Bank of Cambodia, Visa, American Express,  Mastercard.

MoneyPoolsCash (MPC) network  of technologies have two to five (2-5) years of tested development.