Cash Network Links

MoneyPools Technology employs its own network of technologies to benefit society, all of them financially powered by MoneyPoolsCash. Eliminating fraud and fake profiles, through the Cash Network KYC, users accounts are connected to their MoneyPoolsCash account.

Social media and networks, unique technology and use concept – network effects – low cost to operate
Each system or network is supported by MoneyPoolsCash wallet systems with advanced monetization features including marketplaces.
Other separate software social media networks include:

CashSocial – Network and Messenger – The central social network is similar to a Facebook clone, Monetization, with more advanced features and encryption.
InstaStar – Similar to TikTok, with monetization, unique and tested code
CashFans– Similar to Onlyfans and Instagram, monetized, e-shops

Education – Online school for certificates and general knowledge

Real Estate PropTech 
Fractional ownership of real estate properties, group purchase and group share of return on investment.
Music – Decentralized finance available to global market for artists, publishers, educators
Transporter- Drive for Cash
Money earned driving can be linked to a global network of MoneyPools Cash members.

E-shops  – Amazon Clone
Free access to e-shops in which all users can buy and sell employing MoneyPools Cash.

Provides advanced software and e-commerce technology for use by farmers looking to buy and sell products to earn quick cash.

Social Services-Healthcare
Provide access to dating and other social services.  Doctors, Hospitals,Clinics, connected within CashNetwork Global

Microworkers Software – Microwork for CASH 

Dating –
Connect, socialize, date, complete system.

Kubera Exchange: 40 Blockchain, unlimited pairs,  market maker, Binary trading, Liquidity Trading, Futures, FX, Swaps, Staking, Bots, IEO offerings, New Virtual Assets Listings, Utility tokens like MoneyPoolsCash, Hyper ledger Blockchain & Mineable New Bitcoin fork. Cryptocurrencies 160 countries, licensed in United States, Latin America, Africa.  Part of MoneyPoolsCash infrastructure, ability to add NFT Corporate stocks exchange or dividend (coupon tokens) for non-blockchain businesses into real world market liquidity via blockchain. – NeoBank – Global Network Technologies 160 Country Cash Network

Advanced Technology network via MPC payment network with biometric KYC, MPC members only, reducing scam, fake profiles, social credit system. All technologies have over two to five (2-5) years of tested development.    – MPC APP STORE  – Social network – Monetization        – Crypto exchange     – E-Commerce   – Agro tech and Commerce    – Technology, other sectors 1000’s of courses   – Fans Site – Logistics network           – Food Delivery Network  – SaaS Social Media marketing technology – Saas Doctor Hospital Management Network     – Free website business development & marketing technologies  – Social network and Messenger combined          – Music and podcast Network         – Dating    – PPV Entertainment