Management Team

Alexander Powers

Mr. Powers is the Executive Chairman and CEO/CFO/CTO of MoneyPools Technology USA Inc. Mr. Powers has over twenty years management experience and successes with existing and startup companies in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the United States. Mr. Powers has over ten years in software development and managing developers from across the globe.  Chairman of Board – MoneyPools Technology USA, MoneyPools Technology RCA, Director MoneyPools Technology UK.

Adriaan du Plessis

Mr. Adriaan du Plessis – CEO of Moneypools Technologies UK Limited and COO of MoneyPools Technology USA. Mr. Du Plessis twenty years experienced aptitude for business across multiple sectors including technology and finance. Mr. Du Plessis focus is on sustainable business with a focus on Africa, Asia and the United Kingdom.

Omarion Humbindo Powers

Mr. Omarion Powers – CEO of Moneypools Technologies RCA Limited – Mr. Omarion Powers has ten years experienced business across multiple sectors including security, technology and finance within Central Africa. Mr. Omarion Powers focus is on developing business with a focus on Africa.