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Blockchain Powered NeoBank for High Risk Markets, Merchants and Personal Clients.

MoneyPoolsCash is Decentralized Financial Technology (DEFI-FINTEC).


It’s become quite hard for a majority of the world and businesses, charities, online technologies and global remittance to function with existing banking rules and regulations, strict policy, religious, political bias and censorship has limited global trade and commerce.

Traditional fiat banks also leave clients exposed due to cash illiquidity for large sized transactions which can delay as long as 14 days and have significant fees.

With high exchange rates, costly time delays and high fees, a more efficient technology backed by Blockchain USDC stable tokens pegged to Hard USD cash (PaxGold, USDC, ETC) was needed.

The globe needs access to stable banking merchant services and peer to peer USD payments instantly with very low fees.  The gap between liquidity and transfer is within seconds and easy cash out to USDC or exchange to other Cryptocurrencies or exchange MoneyPoolsCash for fiat cash in local currency through the agent system & peer to peer fiat cash out. 

While offering Merchants, FX Agent, Money Business Services, online and offline sellers

Advanced record keeping, invoicing, accounting, bill payment, bill collection

Merchant processing, , investments, lending programs, Savings programs,  insurance,  precious metals & storage, advanced agent system for registered agents to exchange cash on and off ramp with very low fees globally and without many restrictions compared to fiat banked banks.  Crowd funding and donations systems assisting those looking t access global capital.

Multiple virtual Currencies backed by peg USD: Euro, NGN, HKD, CAD, XAF, many more.

Low transaction fees

Low merchant payment fees

Low exchange fees

Low agent fees

No Chargeback fees

No hold on funds

Escrow Services

Instant Credit of funds

USDC Stable tokens, regulated, highly liquid and backed by USD Cash Fiat only

MoneyPoolsCash Clientele:

Users wishing to access to the MoneyPoolsCash technology network for our technology in commerce, gaming, business, social media, healthcare, logistics, agriculture, education, much more all functioning on MoneyPoolsCash payments.

Free e-shops, free banking, and lots of free proprietary technology so that MoneyPoolsCash will help even the financial playing field for billions of the unbanked persons and merchants.  The global online financial marketplace is estimated to be around $45 Trillion dollars a year; MoneyPoolsCash is focused on opening access to millions of individuals stuck from developing due to lack of financial technology or capital.

Citizens of countries across the globe who want a US Dollar pegged currency to operate locally in their country for all purposes.

High Risk Merchants, who are paying extremely high fees and slow payment windows, chargeback fees, while at the same time most ventures being denied by most processors or have been banned.

How MoneyPoolsCash Generates Revenues:

1) Transaction & Cryptocurrency Fees
2) Card Issuance Fees.
3) Agent Commissions.
4) Gift/E-voucher Redemption fees.
5) Exchanges between virtual currencies

6) Stake Loans services

7) Stake deposit savings

Feature List:

  1. Virtual Debit Cards Visa/Mastercard backed by Cryptocurrencies – Soon
  2. Crypto Wallet with P2P Exchange and Trade
  3. Buy Crypto with ATM/Credit Card Payment Card NETWORK
  4. P2P Crypto and Virtual Credits exchange secured with escrow
  5. Withdraw to Cash Payments
  6. Gift / E-vouchers
  7. Agent E-vouchers Agent can now order bill vouchers and in currencies they have balance in locally for cash on and off ramp, advanced agent geo-location search system with maps.
  8. Agent Login
  9. Progress Web Apps and Native for Android & iOS
  10. Instore Multi Currency Printable QR codes.
  11. Virtual Bank Accounts
  12. Branded International Virtual Debit Cards
  13. Payment Gateway
  14. Professional Rest API
  15. Donation Buttons, Payment Link, QR Code, Community Page
  16. Investments
  17. Multi Currency Support (USD, Euro, Swiss, INR, HK$, AUD$, JPY  top 15+)
  18. Multi-use Wallet
  19. Global Airtime / Mobile Money Topup
  20. Load funds via USDT Payment Gateway
  21. Business Accounts with add on card option.
  22. KYC/AML – US OFAC compliant database, IP Geo-blocking
  23. Merchant services – API, Payment Buttons and QR code payments.
  24. Accounting & Invoicing Features
  25. Bank virtual accounts.
  26. Real Time FX Trading with Meta Trader 5.
  27. Multi Language Options Powered by Google Translate

MoneyPoolsCash – USDT
Global Accepted Businesses including the following High Risk Merchants:

Products and Services Accepted:

1. Airlines

2. Online Travel Aggregators (OTAs)

3. Ticketing agencies

4. Auctions

5. Marketplaces, including Crowdfunding, and On-Demand Services

6. Dropshipping

7. Pawn Shops

8. Lawyers & Legal Services

9. Securities Brokers & Investments of any kind, such as:






    Foreign currencies


    Other financial instruments

10. Gold and precious metal dealers (physical or online)

11. Synthetic or non-traditional Securities, including CFD brokers or dealers

12. Cryptocurrencies including cryptocurrency exchanges

13. Charities or Not-For-Profit Organisations

14. Online dating services

15. Fantasy sports league, e-sports gaming or tournaments

16. Games of skill where participants receives cash or cash-equivalent prizes

17. Selling of likes and followers for social media (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook etc)

18. Video game or virtual world credits

19. Private medical practice and/or online doctor consultation (e-doctor)

20. Products or services related to religious, political or social campaigning

21. Travel Leisure Services

22. Commodity and agricultural products

23. B2B Commerce

24. Insurance

25. Schools
26. Governments, States, Municipalities, Civil Servant payments, Tax collection, Bill Pay, Licenses & Renewals

27. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

28. Real Estate

29. Hard & Soft Commodities

30. Corporate, SME – Employee payments, commissions, billing

Additional services MoneyPoolsCash will provide merchant processing for:

1. Adult entertainment

2. Replica items

3. Gambling providers or transactions including games of chance

4. Mail order brides services

5. Shell banks and companies

6. Signal Jammers/Blockers that interferes with cellular/communication devices

7. Surrogacy services

8. Tattoo Parlours

9. Tobacco / Cigar / Electronic Cigarette / Nicotine content products

·  Online Gaming & Casinos

·  Multilevel Marketing

·  Bad Credit Merchant Accounts

·  Moving & Transportation

·  TMF Merchants

·  Jet Charters

·  Educational & Seminars

·  Online Ticketing Sales

·  Debt Consolidators

·  Bail Bonds

·  Online Furniture Sales

·  Calling Cards

·  Travel & Timeshares

·  High-Ticket Accounts

·  Penny Auctions

·  VOIP and Telecom

·  Cigars and Pipes

·  High Volume Merchants

·  Software and E-Book Merchants

  • Bars
  • Night clubs
  • Commerce of art works
  • Commerce of luxury cars/boats/planes
  • Commerce of minerals
  • Dealers of precious metals/stones/gems

MoneyPoolsCash has strict guidelines regarding the businesses, products, and services that we deem to be prohibited or restricted from using MoneyPoolsCash Services or MoneyPoolsCash Global Payments Network.

Restricted – may be eligible but only with prior approval in writing from MoneyPoolsCash Compliance.

    Prohibited – we will not process for these products and services and will cooperate with law enforcement agencies, zero tolerance.

The types of businesses listed below are representative, but not exhaustive. Businesses that offer illegal products or services are never eligible to use MoneyPoolsCash.

If you are uncertain as to whether a business is Prohibited or Restricted or you have questions about how these requirements apply to your clients, please contact MoneyPoolsCash Compliance (

Restricted – may be eligible but only with prior approval in writing from MoneyPoolsCash Compliance.

1. Credit repair services

2. Drugs or drug proprietors selling Pharmacy, CBD, THC, substances – Must be licensed

3. Drug paraphernalia that involves equipment designed for making or using drugs

4. Espionage equipment and accessories

5. Investment schemes

Prohibited – we will not process for these products and services – Any cases will be reported to Law Enforcement:

1. Child Pornography

2. Illegal downloads of movies, music, computer and video games

3. Illegal software – e.g. Malware, Software to break encryption of phones/computers

4. Illegal sale of financial information (e.g. bank accounts, bank cards, hacked crypto tokens)

5. Poisonous and hazardous materials

6. Products/Services promoting terrorism or violence

7. Pyramid or ponzi schemes

8. Sanction list inclusions (global)

9. Stolen goods including digital and virtual goods

10. Trade of weapons, ammunition, military arms, explosive devices and firearm parts

11. Narcotics under the UN Convention, Terrorism, Human Trafficking, Money laundering, Trans-National Organized Crime

12. Pirate IPTV

13. Any other category, products or services that MoneyPoolsCash decides to prohibit, in its sole discretion.

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