MoneyPools technology Ad Network, a professional Ads Network & Digital Marketing Solution for MoneyPools Technology network accepting MoneyPools Cash and Sango Dollars for a censorship free Ads network. CashAds has both advertiser and publisher both facility, an advertiser can upload their paid promotional banners (PPC/CPM) and a publisher who has own website can publish those to earn money. CashAds concept generated from some ads network, similar too adward, adchoice, adroll, perfect audience, bidvertiser.

CashAds offers anti-fraud protection facility, different panels for advertisers and publishers, easily install-able codes for publishers, instant click and impression counting facility, GEO targeted facility, and will be the main ad network for the MoneyPools and Sango Network of sites.

CashAds is a complete Ads network solution system for our network and anyone wishing to use it. By controlling the vertical we have fewer restrictions on adverts, new geo access and global payments that are instant.

CashAds able to handle unlimited advertisers and publishers, able to accept payment via MoneyPools Cash and Sango Dollars and Crypto’s.

Highlighted Features

– A clean and modern Advertiser interface.
– A clean and modern Publisher interface.
– A strong and powerful admin interface.
– Multiple size ad posting forms.
– MoneyPools Cash and Sango Dollar payments
– Functionality is Simple and all Dynamic Features.

Publisher Dashboard Features

– 100% Secure Publisher Dashboard.
– Domains adding and Setting manager.
– Advertises Types.
– Withdraw Manager.
– Ad Reports.
– Day to day earnings Logs.
– Support Tickets.
– And More….

Advertiser Dashboard Features

– 100% Secure Advertiser Dashboard.
– Advertises Manager.
– Price plans Manager.
– Deposit Manager.
– Transaction Logs.
– Day to day costing Logs.
– Automatic Payment Method MoneyPoolsCash, Sango Dollars.
– Support Tickets.
– And More….

Admin Features

– 100% Secure Admin Dashboard.
– Advertises plan Manager.
– Keywords Manager.
– Advertises Manager.
– Publisher Manager.
– Domain Manager.
– Payment Manager.
– Automatic Payment Method.
– Manual Payment Method.
– Deposit Manager.
– Withdraw Manager.
– Support Ticket.
– Language Manager.
– Basic Setting.
– Logo & Favicon Setting.
– Extensions Setting.
– SEO Manager.
– Email Setting tools.
– SMS Manager.
– SMS API Setting.
– Page Builder.
– Front setting and section manager.

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