Increase Deposits with MPT-CashApp (CashApp) – White Label Developed by MoneyPools Technology USA Inc. for FedNow Members.

MoneyPools Technology USA Inc, makes it easy for existing Federal Reserve members to add FedNow and FedLine into our advanced technology designed for financial inclusion.

FedNow Showcase application
1.Please identify your segment/solution type(s). Please only choose segments that accurately describe your organization or the organizations that you serve. Choose “Consulting Firm” if your company offers purely advisory services without a product or software. *

  • AP/AR/ERP and Treasury Management Systems
  • B2B Platform/Network
  • Bill Pay & Presentment
  • Core Banking Platforms
  • Correspondents/Bankers’ Banks/Corporate Credit Unions
  • Digital Wallet
  • Government Services
  • Mobile App Platform
  • P2P Application
  • Payments Hubs/Platforms/Gateways
  • Payments Network Operators
  • Payroll Processors
  • Risk Management and Fraud Services
  • Other

2. Describe the services and products you can offer financial institutions or end users to support implementing and innovating upon the FedNow®

(e.g., technology solutions, end-user applications, ancillary functionality related to payment operations: fraud monitoring, reporting and analytics) (300 word maximum)

Increase Deposits with MPT-CashApp (CashApp) – White Label Developed by MoneyPools Technology USA Inc. for FedNow Members.

MoneyPools Technology USA Inc, makes it easy for existing Federal Reserve members to add FedNow and FedLine into our advanced technology designed for financial inclusion.

CashApp is low cost to operate and offers many revenue generators for financial institution. Proven technology designed for financial institutions who want to enter the advanced technology age of finance.

How does it work – in simple terms FedNow transfers command to CashApp once confirmed credit in US dollars is entered into CashApp. All features thereafter function on CashApp credit, if client wishes to transfer funds out user will request withdrawal which will trigger FedNow and credit is transferred.

End of fraud and skimmers – Cash APP QR code system and internal 16 digit card system removes the skimmer from ATM to Point of Sale. Save Trillions of dollars on fraud and put the scammers out of business.

Increase deposits, banking 101, CashApp is so easy to join and with FedNow quick and easy technology client acquisition is much easier and will increase deposits, increased user base and increase deposits, CashApp will attract users as it offers many features.

Cash Agent system – Most of the world uses kiosks for small transactions via US Treasury FINCEN licensed money business services, CashApp Point of sale technology will work with them easily, via peer to peer (P2P) QR code or voucher codes, account transfer cash deposits and cash withdrawals are made possible.

Less paperwork, everyone hate writing out bank documents, now all paperwork is digitized instantly, save on administrative costs, save the planet with less paperwork, while making it easy for client to access services and financial institutions access to records instantly.

41% of Americans don’t even have a bank account with CashApp its easy to get signed up and access a lower fee system, faster easier, safer, mobile, that returns potentially more profits than any other technology available today in the current market.

Sign up online, less paperwork, more secure, more financial inclusion, more deposits and profits for the financial service provider, with full benefits of FedNow and FedLine technologies.

Reoccurring payments – every month after instant payroll deposit, clients can program reoccurring billing to  pay mortgage, credit cards, consumer bills, car payments, etc.

MoneyPools Technology USA Inc. is an established technology solution provider of e-wallet CashApp: FedNow service, FedLine® powered E-Wallet technology that includes:, QR instant payment operations, reoccurring payments subscriptions, interbank, bank to bank, client, Bank closed loop payment card systems – ATM compatible, merchant, point of sale with receipt printing, agent cash system, banking services, deposit pension, fixed deposits, credit, investments, FX exchange, Interbank exchanges, private meeting systems, remit, e-vouchers, rest api & plug ins. Third party services, fraud monitoring, security, 2FA email, sms, authenticator, escrow, p2p, OFAC kyc/aml regtech, advanced reporting and analytics, revenue streams, invoices, accounting, payroll, insurance, interoperable with all Federal Reserve technologies. PHP, Laravel 8.1, responsive, mobile, web, PWA, Android, Apple native applications

Optional: closed loop blockchain exchange and custodial wallets

                Closed Loop USD dominated gold backed Federal Reserve systems.

                Direct Ledger Technology (DLT)

3. Which type(s) of FedNow functionality will your product/service(s) support at the launch of the FedNow service in 2023? Select all that apply. *

Note that “Connectivity to the FedNow Service” should only be selected if your organization currently has a FedLine® connection or is actively in the process of securing one.

  • Customer credit transfers
  • Requests for Payment (RFPs)
  • Financial institution liquidity transfers (FI to FI transfers)
  • Correspondent/settlement services for financial institutions
  • Connectivity to the FedNow Service via FedLine Solutions
  • Other

Fed members wishing to improve their client and internal/external services will want MoneyPools Technology advanced fintech in their existing infrastructure. A simple addition of MoneyPools efficient and profitable new ewallet/neobank cashapp technology can be offered to their clients via white label. Fed members need to cater to Millennials, Gen Z and Gen A, who expect advanced online financial services.

4. If your product/service is not supporting all functionality types at the launch of the FedNow Service in 2023, please describe your product roadmap and implementation timeline for offering additional functionality post-launch.

Software is developed with 3 years of testing and development and is currently used in commercial online ventures. Based on client demands and adding FedNow can be developed on case by case basis for client and within a short period of time released.

5. What types of transactions/use cases does your product/service support? Select all that apply. *

  • Account-to-Account (A2A)
  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B)
  • Consumer-to-Financial Institution
  • Financial Institution-to-Consumer
  • Person-to-Person (P2P)
  • Other

6. What types of end users does your product/service support? Select all that apply. *

  • Consumers
  • Businesses
  • Financial Institutions
  • Other

7. For the transactions/use cases and end users chosen above in questions 5 and 6, please describe the product(s), functionality, benefits of adoption and target release date.

Release of technology is based on clients demands, MoneyPools Technology E-Wallet CashApp, offers banks the full frontal interface to offer all financial services to their clients without risk and implementing technologies that are highly profitable for operator.

8. If applicable, please describe or list the key market(s) you serve.

(e.g., financial services, retail, technology, media) (300 word maximum)

MoneyPools Technology is currently used in commercial services that currently service: financial services, retail, technology, media, logistics, much more.  MoneyPools Technology is perfect for any US financial institution, looking to better their technological services for clients and benefit from efficiencies for internal services. MoneyPools Technology will streamline your client’s needs, while generating profitable revenues for operator.

9. Is your solution capable of working with a variety of banking/credit union core platforms (e.g., core agnostic)? Please provide details regarding how you plan to innovate to facilitate core integration.

Easy integration on bank or credit union sub domain, branded and full administrative control over software. Easily integrate API into other institutions or implement other payment systems FedNow. MoneyPools Technology offers the services that your clients want build your brand, generate new revenue streams. Moneypools Technology is easily integrated FedNow other  Federal Reserve services within e-wallet cashapp with adoption with any credit union, regional, community, multi-national banks and other financial service institutions.

10. At a high level, please describe the financial institution-to-service provider integration model you would use or leverage to support financial institutions in testing of the FedNow Service.

Software can easily implement FedNow within a very short period of time, including any additional services offered by the Federal Reserve. Currently commercial versions are active with clients and are operating at an advanced technical level (without FEDWIRE).

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